Factory 14

Advisor & Human Resources


We have extensive experience in building, managing and buying/selling businesses in the digital space and beyond. Therefore we offer a broad spectrum of competencies to clients. In any case, you can be sure: We´re only consulting on issues if we have done operationally before.


We invest in well managed brands. If you are selling beauty products or HR services, direct in your store, website or within Amazon. Please get in touch with us, if you intend to sell. We are more than happy to make you an offer. 

Human Resource Consulting

Search, evaluate, match. Our deep sector know how enables us to find the right person, with the right skills for your vacancies. We believe in a new way of AI enabled recruitment, without neglecting the most important factor: Clear personal judgement about the fit of a candidate. 

Factory 14

Factory 14 GmbH is a Swiss company based in Kreuzlingen / Thurgau. We are listed in the Swiss registry for private recruitment agencies and work under the brands CNC-Experts and Med-Factory in different areas. We believe in the personal judgement of our consultants with their year long sector expertise as well in AI based algorithmic search and digital processes.