We are building and investing in European companies with friends and partners. If you are interested in co-investments or selling your company, please contact us. We can discuss strategic opportunities from all perspectives. 

CNC Experts GmbH

Since 2014 CNC Experts is placing CNC programers and operators to more than 400 customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. CNC Experts believes in a strict vertical focus to built critical mass on both client as well as on candidates side. Since then they built databases of more than 6.000 CNC programers and more than 13.000 companies. 


Seit 2014 investieren wir in Geschäftsmodelle, die Know How im Onlinevertrieb über Amazon, eBay oder anderen Plattformen aufbauen. 


2020 Med Factory started as a in house start up to place medical personal within Europe. Since than many clients and candidates trusted into the team to find their next career step. Started as a classic recruiting business, digital processes and databases are built into it to scale and expand into new countries.